Fred Yiran African Arts Day 2017-18 Donation List
FISCAL SPONSOR: Paramount Center for the Arts
City of St. Cloud  
Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA)  
Bui Family Union (BFU-USA)   
District 742: Fine Arts, Music & Culture, Social Studies

In-Kind Contributions:  
Bernick’s Pepsi  
Barry Kazmer   
Stuart C. Johnson   
Mary Ziegler   
Dr. Robert C. Johnson

Partner/Team-Member: HerArts-In-Action-Sarah Drake
Community Partner Organizations: African Women’s Alliance (AWA)  UniteCloud
Donations: Organizations  $101-$200  
Central Minnesota Sustainability Project (CMSP)  
Granite City Folk Society  
Community/Individuals  $101- $200 
Dr. Fedinand Kongnso  
Rick Walter 
Cristina Seaborn
$51-100  Beth Gathetu
$1-$50  Florence Orionzi  
Francis Acho  
Ashley Froemming  
Katrina Pierson 
JoyGenea Schumer  
Jane Oxton  
Susan Braaten
Mary Weitzel  
Julie Joplin 
Allen Brisse  
Paul Cotton  
Paul Warpeha & Rashimah New  
Deyo Ajayi

Anonymous Donors: We are forever grateful for your support for this young and growing project. Together, we share immigrants’ arts and culture, and build a stronger community in the process.