Yiran African Arts aims at enriching the mind and the community through the diverse beauty of (symbolic) African Arts.

Our mission is to connect with the community by sharing Fred's art work, and making it accessible through the sale of greeting and note cards, prints and clothing. We hope to offer our patrons a way of expanding their knowledge and understanding of African arts and cultures.

Fred used different art forms to express his art. He moved freely from painting, carving, sculpting, storytelling and music. However, his first real love was painting, and it has been the backbone of his work throughout the years.

Allow us please to share his art work with you.

We are now offering a new payment option using PayPal. We will be making this change over the next few weeks.


Special Announcement: Fred Yiran African Arts Day!

Through sharing of art symbols and meanings in his greeting and note cards, Yiran Designs aims to promote the values of learning and creativity to curious minds and potential young artists. We endeavor to keep Fred's vision alive while giving the community the opportunity to connect with his art by learning more about the richness of the African continent and its culture.

Tribute to Fred's Art